Ah, Spring!

Ah, Spring! May 1, 2019

Continuing a tradition I started a few years ago, and in memory of a good friend, here is my annual post on the first of May.

I met an irrepressible, kickass octogenarian gal who used the handle Dame Ruth on a different web site a few years ago.  She had established a ‘tradition’ over the past few years, publishing a particular poem on May 1st.  I hadn’t seen this before, but judging by the comments, others knew of this tradition.  Here is her poem, and my responses to it:

Hooray, hooray!

It’s the First of May!

Outdoor f**king

starts today!


My quick response was:


In Minnesota

You could try

But not until

At least July


I used Minnesota in the above because I needed a four syllable northern state, not because I was picking on that state.  But it started me thinking about Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor and his Norwegian bachelor farmers.

I was alone on my regular daily walk later that day, and my brain needed something to occupy it.  So, I worked this out as I walked:

Spring in Minnesota

Through Minnesota’s icy spring

Norwegian bachelor farmers cling

to thoughts of f**king in the hay

outdoors, when comes the First of May.

But Mother Nature’s quite unkind

to Minnesotans so inclined.

Uncaring, oftimes she persists

with snow and sleet and freezing mists.

The farmers, sad, return to hearth

and porno flicks to keep them spry.

Till warmer climes spread farther north,

most likely, not until July.

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