Quote of the Day: Nemo on Pence

Quote of the Day: Nemo on Pence May 9, 2019

The Christian demagogue that is Mike Pence there’s an awful lot of that wet wipes if you are afraid that, if Trump is to go anytime soon, then this very conservative Christian will be in charge of America. But some commentators think that he is already in charge. The madman that is Donald Trump is attracting all the headlines whilst Mike Pence diligently gets on with fulfilling his political dream.

Nemo recently commented on another thread:

Pence is already enacting his agenda behind the scenes, and Trump rubberstamps everything that Pence can’t officially do, even if Trump himself isn’t a true believer. And that coordinated attack is already in motion. In Texas, they are seriously debating the death penalty for women who have an abortion, and Ohio has the heartbeat bill. With the Supreme Court as it is, challenges to Roe are already underway by the right, and John Roberts having a mild preference for stare decisis is the only thing standing in the way, so yeah, things aren’t looking so good….


Every single thing that Pence would like to do, he already has Trump doing. Trump may not be a true believer, but aside from the few pet issues of his (immigrants and protectionism mostly) he’ll rubberstamp whatever the Republicans around him tell him to. So it won’t get much worse under President Pence because on this issues where you’re worried about President Pence, he’s already the President.


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