Brexit: I Could Cry with the Stupidity of This…

Brexit: I Could Cry with the Stupidity of This… May 22, 2019

I could be mistaken and perhaps this woman (in the video below) has some kind of genuine learning difficulty. If not, however, this is an example of the sort of crap that is happening at the moment in the Brexit debate in Britain. I was phoned up the other day by my own father ranting about EU regulations imposed on us, in particular, the debacle about banning bendy/straight bananas.

Holy cow. Bendy bananas. Seriously? That has been debunked a million times and is now a complete joke. For those who don’t know about it, the EU were asked to bring out simple classification regarding banana wholesale imports (standard fayre with regard to produce import and export) by the industry itself:

Nothing is banned under the regulation, which sets grading rules requested by industry to make sure importers – including UK wholesalers and supermarkets – know exactly what they will be getting when they order a box of bananas.

People, including my own family, still believe it. This is the power of misinformation. The story was perpetuated in the early 90s with the help of The Sun. As The Independent reported back in 1994:

The story is a lesson in the genesis of Euromyths. It originated in the German press which is highly banana-sensitive because Germans eat four times as many bananas as other EU citizens and was immediately imported by the British press.

Okay, to the point in hand. Please watch this video. It is amazing and not in a good way.

I’m despairing at an awful lot that is going on in the world at the moment. From politics in the US to politics in the UK, from Brazil to Hungary, from Australia to Italy, it’s all so depressing.

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