Conservative Eviscerates Trump

Conservative Eviscerates Trump June 3, 2019

This isn’t click-bait. This is an evisceration that has so many talking points, I don’t know where to start. I get a lot out of criticisms of people from their own side.

Before we get into that, let’s look at the welcome Trump has got in the UK. Ollie Nancarrow, an A’ Level Art student, took the time to mow Trump a greeting:

Absolutely love it.

I actually feel sick with the amount of pomp and circumstance surrounding Trump’s reception in the UK. He is a tawdry and unrespectable person.

He is being trolled by the same group (Led By Donkeys) who have so geniusly dogged Farage:

And now I am going to show you a great video interview:

John Ziegler makes the following points:

  • Ziegler is not a “Cash-sevative” or “click-servative”. In the rational world, Trump is not a conservative, and nor, actually, are a good deal many of his supposed conservative followers.
  • History will judge people like Ziegler, who have kept to their principles, far more kindly than those who have caved in and “kissed Donald Trump’s ass”. Think Lindsey Graham.
  • Trump is a dangerous con-man.
  • He is in favour of tariffs without understanding them. He is not in favour of restricting spending.
  • His only conservative positions are based in what his cult wants him to do. If they wanted the opposite, and cheered him for it, he would oblige in a moment. He doesn’t believe in anything.
  • He does not accept truth as a bedrock principle. He has single-handedly diminished the accountability of lying to zero. The value fo truth is now non-existent.
  • He now realises that the conservative right is actually held together with the glue of racism. Meeting people with extremism he used to think were just the “crazies” but now he realises they are mainstream.
  • No one really cares about the Constitution. Where are the Tea Party members from ten years ago now? They believe in all sorts of different things now.
  • He was surprised that the Republicans continually did so well in elections because he knew that the majority of people didn’t believe in conservative principles. Now he realises it is ideals such as racism that bound and binds them (and not that the Democrats couldn’t get their act together).
  • He understands the tension between media, audience and principle – think of Glenn Beck backtracking on his criticism of Trump after he lost audience, revenue and his team lost jobs.
  • Conservatism in media is a business and not a cause. It’s a business pretending to be a cause, and this is a con.
  • Given that conservative media is a con, there is no surprise they laud Trump as he understands the con better than anyone.
  • Ziegler got out of talkRADIO due to its mob mentality. Trump is effectively a mob boss now.
  • Trump should be impeached for these three reasons right off the bat:
    • Trump is violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution on a daily basis. This doesn’t get enough press. If he was a Democrat, Republicans would have him over the coals about this constantly.
    • Firing of James Comey was impeachable due to making his statements to Comey obstruction of justice (OOJ).
    • The firing of Jeff Sessions and hiring of Bill Barr and his act of muting (obstruction itself?) was OOJ.
  • And there are more reasons. Robert Mueller was soft on Trump. Ziegler doesn’t understand how Mueller could even “exonerate” Trump on conspiracy (collusion) given the content of interviews.
  • The evidence for impeachment is far stronger than anything on Clinton for his impeachment.
  • He doesn’t understand the Democrats reticence (a misreading of history over Bill Clinton?) to impeach.

Well worth a watch.

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