A Comment about Comments

A Comment about Comments June 4, 2019

As many of you may have realised, there have recently been many comments that have been thrown into moderation through DISQUS. This is because the powers that be at BeliefNet and Patheos have produced a list of words for filtering that would apparently please Google a great deal (I presume it’s all to do with advertisers and their sensitivity). The bloggers and our manager at Patheos Nonreligious are presently trying to tweak these so that, in the world of freethought, we can have our conversations… freely.

Please excuse any teething problems in the meantime. You know my view on censorship here is very light and I hardly delete or filter out any comments at all. The only reason some comments will disappear is because I am the only moderator around here, moderating thousands of comments a week. This means that, sometimes, I am unable to check the DISQUS moderation panel to allow them through when they have been automatically filtered.

One thing that may speed this process up is that DISQUS now flag moderated comments in yellow on my email notifications so that I can do it by email or accept moderated comments on the DISQUS panel straight away rather than having to consistently check the DISQUS website every now and again.

The point being that this shouldn’t really affect the conversations taking place at A Tippling Philosopher other than there might be a view comments that disappear for a short while only to be returned to their rightful place.

Thanks for your patience.

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