The Protest: Trump Lies Again. (And Some Awesome Placards)

The Protest: Trump Lies Again. (And Some Awesome Placards) June 5, 2019

Trump is a serial liar. There is so much I could write about concerning his visit to the UK: that the US taxpayer is funding Trump family holidays for everyone to get glitzy photos; that right-wingers in the UK are identifying Trump with Brexit, and attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan along those lines; that the US is salivating at the prospect of carving up UK public services in a capitalistic feeding frenzy for a post-Brexit trade deal when we get thrown to the economic lions; and so on. Indeed, Trump talks about his friendship with the UK. Trump is only a friend to the UK because he wants to capitalise on every morsel of British industry and public service thrown to the dogs after Brexit. You’ve been warned. Trump HAS no friends. To him, he IS America.

But let’s talk about lying. He has already lied about calling Meghan Markel “nasty”:

Trump will lie about anything. Above, one of Trump’s administration accounts posts the actual evidence of Trump’s comments whilst simultaneously denying he said it.

His lying continued when he talked about the reception he has got from the British people. There is no way that this can be accounted for by living in a bubble. It must simply be deception:

What is a giveaway here in terms of how we know that Trump is lying about the size of any parade that he received is that had there been any example of cheering crowds for Trump, we know dammed well that FOX News would have reported it and shown it on their news feed.

It’s actually a really damning indictment:

I am a big fan of Brian Tyler Cohen’s commentary, these days. He is spot on here. All we hear about is the protests for Trump. Those who do defend him do so against the run of play:

The video above illustrates the identity politics involved, with the blurring of lines between Trump and Brexit. And my those Trumpists/Brexiteers were a torrid bunch. Yes, that may be selective journalism, but if you are a Brit who seriously rates Trump, it surprises me little that you would come across like that.

My main take away point from that video is Caroline Lucas for PM, something I have long said.

There seems to be no end to the range of contexts and subjects in which and about which Trump will lie. And what is scary is that these seemingly innocuous lies are like the gateway drugs into a network of deception and falsehood.

Here are some awesome posters. We Brits aren’t great at much, but we have recently found our niche – creating awesome, often understated protest placards. There should be a good 30 placards below but the blog is having some issues. I’m working on it.

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#stoptrump #dumptrump #trumpprotest

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#Trump officially touched down in the UK yesterday, and the British public have spoken. LINK IN BIO for our round-up of the best signs at the #TrumpProtest

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#trumpprotest #nobodylikesyou #trump #londonlife

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Sending solidarity to @ofocbrexit and everyone else at the #trumpprotest today

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Trump Dump #goldentoilet #trumpprotest

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The highlights.

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Some fabulous people at the trump protest today. This lady was demonstrating the sickening power of orange

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Best #trumpprotest sign ever

This is one of my favourites:

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 And my favourite one, nothing rhymes with orange…


This one references Trump mocking disabled people at a rally:


Love this:






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