What a Speech!

What a Speech! June 12, 2019

I don’t know an awful lot about the support (or lack of) and healthcare (or lack of) offered to first responders to the 9/11 disaster. Someone who evidently does is Jon Stewart, formerly of The Daily Show. He knows so much, indeed, that he feels emotionally connected to it in an immensely powerful way. This speech he gave to Congress, now viral, is a truly powerful one that makes one wish he should be a politician. It’s similar to my appreciation of politicians like AOC – when people clearly have a passion for doing right, they care about their job as a politician. And this happens more frequently, one imagines, with people who get into politics for the right reasons – to change the world for the better. Now, you could say this of both extremes, and that someone who is really engaged and emotional about pro-life issues and campaigning will likely give impassioned speeches that won’t evoke the same reactions in me. I am often less than impressed with pro-life politicians because the cynic in me thinks that they argue this on account of what they think their electorate wants to hear.

Passion often emerges out of feelings of injustice and unfairness, and the desire to turn the tables. This, I posit, is not often the purview of right-wing politics.

All that said, check this utterly evocative 9-minute speech out (probably the most affecting I have heard for a good long time):

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