Poll: Tory Party Members Would Rather Trash UK Than Remain In EU

Poll: Tory Party Members Would Rather Trash UK Than Remain In EU June 18, 2019

This latest YouGov survey is an absolute shocker. It really is. And I can verify these stats with the last two party members I have spoken to (in my extended family). It has got to the point where political stubbornness has led to these extreme positions. We really are looking more and more likely, as the UK, to lose Scotland and Northern Ireland over Brexit. We will no longer be the United Kingdom, or Great Britain. Really and actually. Nichola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, is licking her lips. This whole catastrophe has played right into the nationalists’ hands, and public support for Scottish independence has grown.

The poll is of Conservative Party members who will be the people who have the final vote on Tory Party leader, and thus our Prime Minister. About which this Tweet says it all:

One Nation Conservatism it is not…

So, the poll. This sums it up a treat:

So we have got to the stage where Tory party members will rather see the dissolution of the UK and their own party, and economic catastrophe than us remaining in the UK. The only thing they would give up Brexit for is a Corbyn government!

As The Independent reports:

Theresa May’s official spokesman left little doubt that the prime minister’s view on whether the break-up of the UK was a price worth paying for Brexit was at odds with those which the survey found among members of her party.

The spokesman said: “Right from her very first day in office and throughout the Brexit negotiations, the prime minister has place great importance on securing the Union.

“It is hugely important to her and you have seen throughout her commitment to trying to protect the integrity of the Union.”

Another section of the study found that 58 per cent of Tory members thought leaving the EU without a deal would win the Tories the next election – with around a third of those people believing it might also keep them in power for multiple elections to come.

It seems that these party members forget they are in the “Conservative and Unionist Party” – that is their full name. And yet, it means nothing to the members. That is like being in the Scottish Nationalist Party, but not being bothered about Scottish nationalism and independence.

Britain is not in a good place, right now. Somebody help.

No, Putin, not you.

Piss off, Trump.

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