Another Comment on Comments

Another Comment on Comments June 19, 2019

This is just a further post on the comments situation act has rightfully enraged a whole bunch of you. I just want to say, once and for all, that this is not a case of censorship for nefarious reasons of Patheos, or the owners Belief Net, wanting to shut down conversations because they are overly sensitive etc. The introduction of a site-wide filter was purely and only and exclusively financial in character. The filter was designed to make Patheos far more attractive to advertisers due to the words on the list apparently being problematic for advertisers across the board. Many of you have somehow seen this list. Just remember, it isn’t some dark desire to shut down freethought conversations.

Fewer comments are going into moderation than were before. However, there are still comments that get hung up in the moderation process. Rest assured that the fantastic Jim Jones and I will accept pretty much every single comment. What this means is that there might be a delay of a couple of hours. As such, there is no great censorship going on here, at A Tippling Philosopher. Dale McGowan is working his socks off to get Patheos Nonreligious to be excepted from many of these filtered words. This is still an ongoing process and nothing seems to happen as quickly as it should. Please accept my huge apologies. Patheos is the biggest interreligious blogging platform out there, and none of us either want to leave or see the conversations halted. Please bear with us and in the worst case scenario wait half a day for your comments to be moderated.

You guys know me well enough by now to know that pretty much anything goes around here in the hope that people will be hoist with their own petard.

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