‘In No God We Trust’: Atheist Group Gets Heat over Banners

‘In No God We Trust’: Atheist Group Gets Heat over Banners July 4, 2019

Every now and again, religious people take the bait. My, they don’t like it when atheism gets a bit of publicity. Of course, it’s fine when it’s religion. No, it’s fine when it’s Christianity.

Fort Worth, recently, has struggled to come to terms with some ‘In No God We Trust’ banners that have popped up. CBS Local reports:

The City of Fort Worth is receiving complaints after someone put up banners that say, “In No God We Trust” on downtown light posts.

The city said Metroplex Atheists purchased the banners that are currently displayed in several downtown locations.

They are holding an event on July 14, 2019, that fits the criteria necessary to purchase the banners, the city said in a news release Tuesday.

The city explained, “While some residents might not like the messaging on these banners, we do not currently restrict religious messaging, as long as it follows the current policy and procedures for display banners.”

The City of Fort Worth Banner Policy and Procedures allows a non/not-for-profit to place banners within the public right-of-way for the purpose of promoting the organization or special event held by the organization. The event must be in Fort Worth and open to the public, or of common interest to the general community.

If an organization meets the established criteria for purchasing the banners, the city cannot discriminate or dictate the content unless it contains profanity, threats or other inappropriate images.

Mayor Betsy Price said on Twitter, “I was appalled when I saw the banners currently being displayed downtown, as I do not support or agree with the message. While many of us may not agree with the message, the organization did follow policies and procedures set forth by the City & Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. We must respect freedom of speech. As we approach the Fourth of July, we must remember that many Americans have fought and died for the freedoms we cherish today.”

Source: Metroplex Atheists Facebook
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