Concerning Kim Darroch: Trump Is a Child

Concerning Kim Darroch: Trump Is a Child July 10, 2019

Just when you thought that Donald Trump couldn’t become any more childlike, he is allowed on Twitter again. My goodness, I can’t believe how anyone can have any respect for this twit. Just in case your head has been buried in the sand over the last week, I will fill you in.

Sir Kim Darroch is a well-respected diplomat serving as ambassador to the US (Washington). He was recently at the centre of a scandal that involved a leak to the Mail on Sunday concerning cables that included the following:

In the cables, the British ambassador says that British analysts do not believe that the Trump administration “is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction rived; less diplomatically clumsy and inept.”

The diplomat noted that Mr. Trump has regularly survived scandals in the past, and suggested that he could win a second term as president. “Trump may emerge from the flames, battered but intact, like Schwarzenegger in the final scenes of ‘The Terminator,’ ” Mr. Darroch wrote, referring to the 1984 science-fiction film.

He warned of “real risks on the horizon,” as Mr. Trump guided United States policy away from consensus with Britain. “This ‘America First’ administration could do some profoundly damaging things to the world trade system: such as denounce the W.T.O., tear up existing trade details, launch protectionist action, even against allies,” he wrote. “It could further undermine international action on climate change, or further cut U.N. funding.”

He noted that Mr. Trump’s decision to order a missile strike on a Syrian air base had been a political success, but warned that “a less well judged military intervention is not inconceivable.”

Darroch states that Trump “radiates insecurity”… Well, yeah.

Because Nigel Farage is Trump’s new best friend and looks at him with puppy dog eyes, he promptly wrote a column eviscerating the ambassador, which included:

On Sunday morning, Nigel Farage, the Brexit Party leader who has a close relationship with Mr. Trump, said Mr. Darroch should step down, calling him “totally unsuited to the job.”

He also wrote a column in The Telegraph condemning Mr. Darroch, who he said was “so clearly against the Trump doctrine and who obviously supported a globalist agenda.” He said that Mr. Darroch’s “appalling slur on Mr. Trump” was an example of Britain’s failure “to take advantage of an Anglophile president who is a natural ally of this country.”

“With a Boris Johnson premiership on the horizon, I would suggest that Darroch’s time in Washington will draw to a close very shortly,” he concluded. “Good riddance.”

Good to see that he is defending British civil servants. I suppose it is similar to his idol, Donald Trump, who prefers Putin and Russia over his own intelligence agencies. One must remember that these are supposed to be secret communiqués between professionals within governments that are frank and to the point. The problem is not that is Darroch said this but that this was leaked. Who was the leak? Well, one theory is that it was someone pro-Leave trying to oust a pro-Remain international player (Darroch). This could be why it was leaked to the Mail on Sunday and why Farage tweeted, on the news of Darroch’s resignation:


What about Prime Minister hopefuls, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt? Boris Johnson refused to back Kim Darroch in this debacle in last night’s televised debate. This showed a massive sign of weakness where at least Jeremy Hunt was very clear on the matter. I suppose Jeremy Hunt is being the rank outsider in the race to be the next Prime Minister feels he has nothing to lose and so can stand up with his principles to a much greater extent than Johnson, who appears to be a shoo-in, and he wants to maintain strong relationships with the US.

Because Donald Trump is the consummate professional, he replied as follows, on Twitter:


The key quote to take note of here is: ” I do not know the Ambassador, but he is not liked or well thought of within the U.S.” This is important because he then proceeds to tweet the following:



What a juvenile little man.

So Trump initially admits to not knowing this ambassador and then calls him “wacky”, “foisted upon the United States”, “a very stupid guy”, “pompous fool” and follows this up by insulting our Prime Minister! It seems like a total contradiction and the ramblings of a petulant child. What annoys me is that the UK has not explicitly called out such language and attitude from the President of the United States.

Kim Darroch resigned this morning, feeling the comments from Trump and the lack of comments from Johnson made his position untenable.

What I find interesting is Theresa May’s response:

Which, to me, amounts to saying, “We should support people like Darroch speaking their minds, and it doesn’t seem to be that I disagree with his thoughts.” Sadly, the above snippet is too short and doesn’t show her full remarks, and I can’t seem to find them in video form yet. Her comments were seen, as well, as an implicit criticism of Boris Johnson and his lack of support for Darroch in the debate last night, as well as being a very strong implicit support for Darroch. But I would have liked her to go further.

I have recorded a really good segment from BBC Radio 4 concerning this episode. Lots of great stuff in there.

The key part for me ws the last section – an interview with former Ambassador for the US to the EU, Tony Gardner. He made these big claims:

  • The UK is not following its sovereign interests.
  • The UK’s interests are at odds with those of Trump.
  • The UK’s diplomatic service is arguably the best in the world and this could well damage it.
  • He would have defended Darroch.
  • The leak could well be a pro-Leave person trying to oust a supposedly very pro-Remain ambassador. This makes sense of Farage’s tweet.
  • Trump shouldn’t have received a full state visit.
  • The UK and others need to stand up to the US/Trump.

Well worth a listen.

A Labour source has said:

If that’s the case I think it is clear that Boris Johnson is effectively behaving as Donald Trump’s patsy and he’s doing that clearly because he’s banking on a sweetheart trade deal and is putting himself in hock to the US president.

It’s clear that he is not prepared and won’t stand up to Donald Trump and he won’t stand up for Britain and that’s clearly the result of a policy on Brexit that is putting the country at risk of a no-deal exit from the European Union.


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