A Personal Update

A Personal Update September 11, 2019

I thought it was about time than I gave anyone who cared at all a little bit of an update as to how I am getting on. As many of you know, I was diagnosed at the end of last year with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. For this, there is little to no treatment available. One drug has just been accepted by NICE in the UK. However, generally speaking, treatments are thin on the ground.

As a result, I opted to have stem cell therapy, known as HSCT, which I fundraised for and had done in Moscow (thanks hugely to the very many generous people around the world – many of you included). I have been back almost five months and my recovery has broadly been very successful. Many people who have had HSCT suffer from what is known as the HSCT rollercoasters whereby they get worse before they get better. I have not experienced that and, broadly speaking, I sailed through the treatment and I’ve have been markedly better in my recovery for the past five months than since before my treatment.

Summer was a little challenging at times because of the nature of heat and the impact it has on people with MS. As little as a quarter of a degree change in body temperature can really affect MS symptoms. So the summer was a little bit up and down. I am now returning to work and have been at work for a week and a half. I am undergoing a phased return which means I started about 50% of my normal hours and then work up to 100% over the course of a month.

Teaching is a stressful job and I am certainly finding life considerably more difficult than a month ago! It has certainly affected my fatigue levels, energy levels and even my mobility to some extent. Stress is a really major trigger of MS and I need to make sure that I get my work-life balance sorted out.

Blogging a little bit less going forward due to the other demands on my life that I didn’t have during my recovery phase where I was predominantly at home every day! Again, if anyone wants to contribute guest posts, I would be massively appreciative. Anyway, here is my latest update video for you to most probably not watch…

Thanks, as ever, for being such a wonderful community here. Big Love to you all.

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