The Issues with Free Speech – Nesrine Malik

The Issues with Free Speech – Nesrine Malik September 20, 2019

Nesrine Malik is a journalist for The Guardian who has recently written a book called We Need New Stories: Challenging the Toxic Myths Behind Our Age of Discontent (UK). She was interviewed on BBC 5Live radio yesterday and it was a fascinating listen, covering a whole load of topics from the mythology of there being a free speech problem to nut-picking, from finding decent data on it to noplatforming. 

Free speech is notoriously problematic, as an absolute concept. At best, it’s extremely fuzzy; at the other end of the spectrum (if you are a nominalist, like me), it doesn’t exist except where somehow codified into law.

Here are a few discussions on the topic I have had:

This is a must-listen.


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