Trump’s Whistleblower – Who Still Supports Trump? How? Why?

Trump’s Whistleblower – Who Still Supports Trump? How? Why? September 20, 2019

This story is rightfully rocking Washington and the news in the US as a whole. This is stunningly dodgy, and Trump should be hung out to dry if what is being implied is true.

Well, he should have been hung out to dry on a whole host of other things. Goodness, I really want to talk about every repeal of environmental and ecological legislation he can get his hands on.

I can just never understand how his supporters continue to support him, how the cognitive dissonance can be that strong. The question is, what would he have to do for those core supporters to stop supporting him?

I am consistently mindblown over this.

The reason why the following MSNBC video is really good in describing the issues is the timeline it gives from 9:40 onwards to 14:00 or so. Holy wow.

Join those dots.

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