That Work-Life Balance – How Should We Arrange Societal Living?

That Work-Life Balance – How Should We Arrange Societal Living? October 5, 2019

I am generally struggling with life at the moment, in terms of doing all the basic things I should be doing – my job effectively, parenting effectively, being a decent partner, having time off to experience and enjoy life, and so on. And that’s before I factor in blogging, writing, editing and all sorts.

This is akin to the age-old problem of do we live to work or work to live. What is life all about and what should we spend our life doing. If we were to create a society and life from scratch, how should we arrange things?

I know that the Green Party in the UK last year consulted on moving to a 4-day week. Originally, we just seemed to work most days, perhaps stopping for the holy-day. It was controversial when unions and whatnot forced us down to a reasonable 5-day working week. But is that reasonable? What is reasonable? Give that there is no necessity to waste time on religious worship and ritual, and given the (without wanting to sound like a Luddite) the potential onset of greater technological mechanisation of our working lives, how should we be filling our time whilst also paying the bills? Should we be thinking about completely reinventing the way we view society and our weekly lives?

I used to advocate moving to an 8-day week of 5 days working and 3 days off in a sort of 2 days work, 1 day off, 3 days work, 2 days off. You could even confuse matters with a Yang-style universal basic income…


Personally, working towards a societal maximisation of wellbeing looks to be a pretty sensible approach to life, if that can somehow be objectively established.

What are your thoughts? I know I am working too hard at the moment…

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