Trump(‘s Letter to Erdogan) Is a Joke.

Trump(‘s Letter to Erdogan) Is a Joke. October 18, 2019

I know I am obsessed, but I’m obsessed with Trump because he is so unbelievably [insert adjective here that evokes exasperation]. I could bang on at length about any number of aspects of Trump’s last few weeks: his impending impeachment, the Ukraine debacle, Rudy Giuliani, his mental competence, that photo and meeting with Nancy Pelosi, his foreign policy ineptitude, his responsibility in the deaths of countless allies in the Middle East, his disgusting approach to environmental policy, and so on.

And there is no doubt that Trump will be feeling an incredible amount of pressure right now. Any human being in his position, who was facing an impeachment enquiry alone would be feeling the pressure mounting. So there is no doubt that the psychological pressure on him will be taking its toll on his mental capacities and rationality. But the problem is that the threshold for those capacities was already low. If you add this together with the claims that he is possibly going through some early stages of dementia or other similar psychological condition, and that he is addicted to “uppers”, then you have a very worrying and deteriorating scenario.

On the “uppers” claim, see this:

Noel Casler has recently come out about Trump’s drug use. Indeed, the usually discreet comedian made this claim:

I am actually pretty sold on the case of Trump taking these drugs – the evidence fits rather well, as David Pakman shows.

Of course, this isn’t a joke, this is deadly serious and quite sad.

However, when I say Trump is a joke, I mean that in a more caustic manner, and I am being derogatory about him because his base and immature behaviour is so terrifyingly bad that it almost appears like a satirical Poe.

Returning to his absolutely horrific decision concerning the Kurds in Syria and his acquiescence to the desires of President Erdogan of Turkey, I have simply have to mention the letter that he recently wrote to the pseudo-dictator. This letter pretty much sums up Trump in a couple of paragraphs. The letter is massively embarrassing, or at least should be if Trump was to have any modicum of self-awareness. It is absolutely and 100% real. The fact that so many journalists had to fact check whether it was actually real, and penned by Trump himself, goes to show the ridiculous nature of this letter and of its author. Here, it is read out by Trump impersonator and comedian Anthony Atamanuik. This lends itself to the comedic elements of this joke of the letter.

But this is not comedy.

This is not a joke.

This is international, foreign policy that has huge ramifications for the stability of the Middle East and the plight of an entire people. This is about the future of ISIS and Islamic fundamentalism in that part of the world: “Kurdish female politician, who worked to unite Christians, Arabs, Kurds, executed in Syria“.

Perhaps the worst part is that his office double space after a full stop (period). Get with the program.

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