Jesus’ Sacrifice Is Infinitesimally Small

Jesus’ Sacrifice Is Infinitesimally Small January 4, 2020

Many Christians will maintain that the sacrifice of Jesus was one of the greatest sacrifices of all. I maintain, on the other hand, that the sacrifice is incredibly marginal at best.

The nature of this criticism does depend on whether or not you believe that God punishes people eternally. This could be wrapped up in the concept of hell or some other completely different eternal punishment.

You see, God in human form, sacrificed himself to die, but then to sit on his own right hand for an eternity in heaven as the omnibenevolent, omnipotent and omniscient creator of all. This sacrifice then needs to be compared against some human who committed some finite sin and ends up being punished for an eternity in hell, or similar. That’s not 10,000 years, 1 million years or even 1 billion years. Is not even 1 trillion years. It’s not even 1 billion trillion years. This is an eternity.

Any finite number becomes an infinitesimal fraction in comparison to infinity. Unless God’s suffering is somehow infinite, which, given his OmniGod characteristics, seems rather implausible, then the sacrifice of Jesus really isn’t all that much. It is a human life at most, as far as I can see. However, some apologists might claim that our sins against God somehow have much more pain and value, or something, due to his characteristics, somehow. There are always those who posits some kind of logical possibility here. It might be that this sacrifice of God, pseudo-killing himself has some kind of the infinite sacrificial value. Another defence might be that someone being punished eternally eventually reaches a terminal suffering value, such as an object falling through the atmosphere eventually reaches terminal velocity. In this case, though, the counter-argument would be that this would then negate any need to punish the person eternally. Once they reach their saturation point, any further punishment is completely pointless.

This is all just pie in the sky stuff. These are all just defences pulled out of posteriors.

God would know that he couldn’t actually kill himself, so that this sacrifice could only be token at best. It would involve the very real pain of crucifixion, but on the other hand, God being omnipotent would surely not feel such pain. It’s rather like Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and super-rich man, sacrificing a day’s pay. Meh…


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