Storks, Evolution and the Problem of Evil

Storks, Evolution and the Problem of Evil January 24, 2020

This tweet came from The Non-Alchemist and is worth dwelling on:

In YouTube form, if you can’t see it:

The two-horned dilemma is spot on. Either:

  1. God designed evolution, if you are a theistic evolutionist, and made reality in such a way that we have carnivorousness and a pretty harsh natural reality, where baby storks get it in the neck; or
  2. God knowingly designed and created a reality whereby such natural pain and suffering (carnivorousness and baby stork deaths) is just punishment for two people eating an apple when tempted.

Really, think of all of that pain and suffering over all those millions of years whereby animals and humans have endured pain and died merely because Adam and Eve – who were knowingly created that way by God – ate an apple (enter stage right apologists who claim the crime was infinite in scope and deserves appropriate punishment, but this does not really suffice).

Being punished for the sins of another is a bitter pill to swallow, especially if you are a sentient creature of another species with more limited consciousness but that can still feel pain.

The simple fact of the matter is that God is not a very good designer.

There is no making sense of this scenario, there really isn’t. I have set both horns out previously, which are worth looking into:




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