Republicans Exhibit Pathetic Behaviour over Witnesses

Republicans Exhibit Pathetic Behaviour over Witnesses January 29, 2020

There is absolutely no doubt that the impeachment of Donald Trump is showing the Republican party for exactly who they are – people who are willing to defend their partisan desires and in-group ideologues over and above doing what is morally right. It is excruciatingly painful to see. In my opinion, Adam Schiff and the Democrat managers have done a really very good job at presenting their case and summarising the arguments and counterarguments. Adam Schiff’s closing statement today was particularly good, and he proactively countered all of the Republican talking points and arguments.

The big issue at the moment is whether or not to more witnesses should be called, namely John Bolton. This whole scenario has thrown up some hilarious rationalisations from the Republicans. And I would be interested to see what the diehard Republicans who comment on this blog offer as arguments against more witnesses being brought forward, most pressingly, John Bolton.

Indeed, the arguments that the Republican senators and politicians and commentators are putting forward are nothing other than pathetic. The primary one appears to be that it might make the case dragged on a little bit longer. Well whoop-de-do. This is a legal procedure involving the most important man on the planet. He’s being impeached. Why wouldn’t you allow witnesses to be called forward for such a procedure? Trump and Republicans are, ironically in a case involving the Constitution, treating himself/Trump like a monarch, like he is the State. America is held up as being a nation championing freedom and justice. A fair trial is the bare minimum of what is expected. If you had any other legal case, from rape to embezzlement, and the prosecution and defence teams between them had to vote on whether or not witnesses could be called forward, where would the legal system be?

Check this senator out below:

I mean, the man starts off by saying that the decision as to whether John Bolton should be called forward depends on what state you’re from: “I’m thinking almost every Republican will not vote to have more witnesses because they’re in a place where, from the state they’re from, listening to their constituents and where they interpret all the information, is they don’t need that.” Wow. In other words, partisan politics is defining the outcome of a legal case. Wow. “It’s disrupting an election.” Wow. “So you’re talking ultimately about your vote?” “Yes, so that’s what I’m basing it on.” Wow.

This has nothing to do with truth. Nothing at all. He is not remotely interested in discovering the truth.

The interviewer says, with an air of incredulity, “What’s the downside? Why wouldn’t you want to hear from John Bolton?”

His answer:

  1. This would lead to more witnesses; where do you stop?
  2. If we’re this polarised, “we ought to worry how we’re going to get round that”…for legislation.

What? This is incomprehensible ramblings.

She asks: “You don’t want to hear it?”

He replies: “Me and almost every other Republican doesn’t either…. Almost everyone.”

“Why, as a United States Senator who is a juror/judge, why wouldn’t you want to hear from as many people as possible?”

His answer to this: “Convict or acquit? And I don’t think that even if you take everything what was in the Bolton revelation as the truth, would that make the difference? Take it over the hump where you’d convict the president on such a shaky case to being with? That ought to be easy to understand and that’s valid.”

I’ll tell you what’s easy to understand: you’re rambling excuses are pathetic. And circular. A case is shaky when you don’t allow relevant first-hand witnesses. And not allowing first-hand witnesses because the case is shaky…

And any Republican or supporter who defends this absolute twaddle needs their head checked. I challenge the usual suspects here to build their best case as to why Bolton should not be allowed to testify given we are here, at an impeachment.

And now the White House has issued a formal threat to John Bolton:

And if you want to see something just as excruciatingly painful and funny to boot, watch this:


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