Don’t Mix Football and Politics!

Don’t Mix Football and Politics! February 5, 2020

We have just had a State of the Union address where Pelosi was rightfully disgusted with the outright continual lies of the POTUS. This follows hot on the heels of Trump’s Superbowl shenanigans. When Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem and there was a whole furore over people making political statements within the context of sport, the right-wing went nuts. Donald Trump himself said that football and politics shouldn’t mix. Indeed, The Washington Post reported:

“…I love sports. But they shouldn’t get the politics involved.”

Trump has been the most prominent critic of players using the national anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality, first suggesting last fall that owners fire protesting players. He said last week there are better outlets for NFL players to voice their concerns, and he said he’s open to hearing recommendations from players about people deserving pardons or commuted sentences. It seemed to be an olive branch of sorts, and Trump cited his recent decision to commute the sentence of a woman serving a life term for a first-time drug offense at the urging of Kim Kardashian West, the reality TV star.

“I told the NFL players, indirectly, I said you have somebody that’s aggrieved — because they’re saying people are aggrieved — okay, let me know about it,” Trump said Friday. “I’ll look at it. If they’re aggrieved, I’ll pardon them. I’ll get them out.”

And then Trump went and spent $1 million on a Super Bowl advert or two…

The hypocrisy is so stark it should be embarrassing. but it’s also the tokenistic use of black people to advance his agenda. It’s not like this advert is designed to appeal to black people, though; this is an advert that is designed to appeal to his white core base as if to say “Hey, we’re not racist, look at what we’ve done for these poor black people!”

And from what I gather, Trump has not actually commuted or pardoned all that many people. He has, however, shouted about what he’s done so it seems like he has done a lot more than the statistics bear out. This is where Trump is good at marketing himself because he consistently shouts about his supposed victories as if they are commonplace. It is the Mere Exposure Effect in action. The more you say things, the more those things are believable to the masses.

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