Thought for the Day: Military Spending

Thought for the Day: Military Spending February 28, 2020

There is this:

And there is the claim that whilst developed European nations spend between 2-4% GDP on programmes for children and families, the US spends 0.6%. Families can suffer in poverty because…BIG SHIPS and BOMBERS.

Now, I understand the Cold War and all that, but does the industrial-military complex need to remain? Answers on a postcard.

I was watching The West Wing (finally!) the other day (I’m halfway through season 2), and they talked about how the Republicans want a government so small it can fit in your room (i.e., dictate who you can sleep with). The homosexual Republican congressman (S2E07) stated:

I agree with 95% of the Republican platform. I believe in local government. I’m in favor of individual rights rather than group rights. I believe free markets lead to free people and that the country needs a strong national defense.

Which perfectly sums up the odd approach many Americans have to government: it needs to be small, apart from in defence spending, when it needs to be BIG. And who you sleep with. And what religion you should believe in. Other than that, FREE MARKETS and INDIVIDUALISM!

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