Well Done God: Counting the Hits and Ignoring the Misses

Well Done God: Counting the Hits and Ignoring the Misses March 14, 2020

There is a definite tendency to count the hits and ignore the misses when considering the actions of God. God is love and God is great and isn’t God wonderful? Look at the mountains and look at the forests, look at the beautiful animals, the lambs and the puppies. Look at the sunset and look at the artistic masterpieces hanging in the museums of the world.

This is God’s work. God is good.

Black holes? Coronavirus? Anthrax? Malaria? The worm that burrows into the eyeball of a child somewhere in the world? Tapeworms? Ringworms? Threadworms? Okay, let’s not get worm obsessed…

This is probably best summed up with the classic English him, “All things bright and beautiful”. In fact, Monty Python parodied this with exceptional poignancy:

Christian believers have a real bias, a real tendency to get sucked in by this; it’s part of the qualification criteria for the cult. And those rose-tinted glasses sure are useful for keeping those cultists in line.

Of course, this post might be about someone else.

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