Bolsonaro, Brazil’s Trump, Appears to Have Coronavirus

Bolsonaro, Brazil’s Trump, Appears to Have Coronavirus March 24, 2020

Twenty of a party travelling with Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s Trump, have come down with Covid-19. Now, it appears, there is a cover-up of tests to show that Bolsonaro has the infection (as does the first lady). This is somewhat ironic since he has claimed the whole thing is a media trick, calling it a “little flu”. His reaction to the pandemic has led to growing unrest and a series of pot-banging protests over his administration. His polls are dropping whilst his temperature is rising:

Speculation is continuing to mount in Brazil over whether its far-right president Jair Bolsonaro has in fact been tested positive for coronavirus.

On 13 March, there were reports – initially confirmed and then subsequently denied by one of Bolsonaro’s sons – that an initial test on president Bolsonaro had come back positive. More than 20 members of a delegation Bolsonaro led to the United States to meet Donald Trump have been infected, including his ambassador in Washington and two members of his cabinet.

The military hospital where Bolsonaro and others were tested, in Brazil’s capital Brasília, was this week forced to hand over a list of names of the patients it had treated, amid concerns Brazil’s leader might in fact have tested positive.

But a leading Brazilian newspaper, the Folha de São Paulo, reported that two names had been omitted for reasons of official “secrecy”.

Now, another newspaper, the Correio Braziliense, has published a report claiming insiders within the presidential palace believe it is possible those two patients “could be Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro and first lady”.

The newspaper claimed all discussion of the list of names was now a “taboo” within the palace. “There is an order against revealing any information about the tests of the president and his wife ‘for national security reasons’,” the newspaper claims.

Bolsonaro has so far refused to make the results of his tests public but is now facing growing calls to do so from political rivals and members of the public.

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