Coronavirus Open Discussion

Coronavirus Open Discussion March 24, 2020

I have been asked to provide a space for my erudite and often superbly geeky (in a good and welcome way) readers to discuss stats and questions concerning coronavirus in order for other readers to answer the and learn by the interesting threads.

In a day when the US has bypassed all other comparable countries to look to have the worst worldwide data, and when Trump is still wanting to reopen the economy by Easter, and after a Republican said the elderly are willing to die for a good economy, there is plenty to talk about politically. But the threads here are more so about the stats, the science, the policy. Stay on topic and don’t troll.

My first question would be, what is the lead time to enacting policy and hoping to see an effect in the stats?

Go at it, folks.

Check out these sites:

Worldometer stats

Infection trajectories

Johns Hopkins infection and death stats

Statista stats

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