Boris Johnson in Intensive Care

Boris Johnson in Intensive Care April 6, 2020

The very challenging news for the British public is that our PM has just now been admitted to intensive care with coronavirus. This was perhaps predictable when, during the press briefing earlier, his acting number 2 (Dominic Raab) said that he hadn’t spoken to Johnson all day. That was a definite clue that things weren’t going well. I do hope he makes a full recovery.

Let’s hope that this is a wake-up call to other leaders around the world to not only enforce safety precautions, but to follow the safety precautions themselves. Boris Johnson admitted he shook hands with everybody, including CV patients, weeks before his diagnosis.

I was amazed that it took all the weeks it has for a presser to bring up to the Trump administration that they hold a briefing where they share a small area, share a microphone, podium, air space and generally touch a lot of potentially contaminated things – why is this? The response was exceptionally poor, as if the most powerful nation and leaders in the world couldn’t organise a bigger room with maybe three podiums, like every other nation.

So, sad news. Let’s learn from it.

EDIT: Trump has just admitted at his briefing that he won’t change his behaviour. He might test himself again. You know, horse has bolted and all that.

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