Pearced Off! #6 – Circularity of Believing the New Testament

Pearced Off! #6 – Circularity of Believing the New Testament April 17, 2020

I am running a series of the old podcast segments from my Pearced Off! section of the Skepticule Podcast (a British skepticism-based podcast now on hiatus) that I used to contribute to. Some of the earlier ones have some quieter audio. Apologies. They run at around ten minutes. Something to keep you company outside of Netflix and the news…

Please subscribe to my channel if you can be arsed. One day, I might get to 1000 subscribers when they allow monetisation. Until then, it’s a labour of love.

This one looks at a Christian requiring the Bible to undergird their faith, and having this as the evidence for their belief and theology, and yet belief in the claims of the Bible itself being based on fideism and not evidentialism.

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