QAnon Facts

QAnon Facts May 25, 2020

In my last piece, I described the QAnon conspiracy theory, stating that the followers are mostly Trump acolytes, many of whom are evangelical Christians. (See NOTE at end) Some commenters disagreed, asserting that QAnon had few followers, that it was greatly exaggerated by the “liberal” press, etc.

It’s the classic No True Scotsman trope. No serious Trump supporters take QAnon seriously, they say.

Here are a few typical comments:

QAnon has nothing whatsoever to do with the average Trump voter, conservative or Christian.

Here is a web site that shows the connections between evangelical Christianity and QAnon.

Trump himself has re-tweeted many Q drops, including a Q hashtag, so he is obviously a QAnon follower. The claim that the average Trump voter doesn’t know about QAnon is nonsense. They follow everything that Trump Tweets, and a lot of what he Tweets comes straight from QAnon.

It is the Leftist conspiracy theory that conservatives are all part of a right-wing conspiracy group.

This is classic hypocrisy…accusing their opponents of doing exactly what they are doing.

According to this article, “lifestyle influencers” who have large followings are using public anxiety about the virus to promote QAnon theories.

And finally, to claim that QAnon is not closely allied with Trump supporters and even with Trump himself is disingenuous, as this article clearly shows. It also shows that there is a large group of “followers” on Reddit and sub-Reddit blogs.

Nobody knows how many people are QAnon followers. Probably many who are would never admit it, fearing ridicule, or even retaliation by that evil “deep state” that they hate. But we know that Trump has millions of followers, and he spews the QAnon garbage constantly.

There are two dangers posed by QAnon: First there are the far-right nutcases who can be provoked into violent acts by reading Q’s “drops.” Second, there is the threat posed by the proliferation of these wild theories of global conspiracies that are allegedly perpetrated by atheists and liberals. This leads to a further partitioning of our society into extremist camps. If our government is influenced by such people, it makes any kind of meaningful compromise impossible. It could be likened to the virus pandemic, but this is an attack on rationality. If we allow it to spread throughout our society, it will bring us down.

And we will deserve out fate.

NOTE: My original article was based on a lengthy and detailed description of QAnon in Atlantic magazine. You may be able to read it here:




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