2020 Election Statewide Predictions & Nonreligious Trump Voters

2020 Election Statewide Predictions & Nonreligious Trump Voters May 31, 2020

I’m a big fan of the YouTube channel Political Forecast – Election Predictions. In his latest video, as ever, he takes you through a state by state analysis of the election, putting Biden and Trump head to head. It comes out more favourably for Biden than it has in the past, given some shifting sands of political opinion. Give it a watch.

Now, I know this isn’t about philosophy of religion. So here’s my link: I want to know, in the comments, from explicitly nonreligious US voters who are going to vote Trump, why they will be doing so.

We often hear from religious Trump supporters but not often from nonreligious ones. The old-school small c conservatives, I fear, have moved away from Trump’s new Republican dictatorship – people like Frum and Ziegler, the Lincoln Project and so on.

So, are you out there, nonreligious Trump voters? What are your arguments? How do you align your vote with what is a continued assault on constitutional secularism as offered and delivered by such Republicanism?


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