Bolton vs. Trump

Bolton vs. Trump June 19, 2020

I thought I would never be a supporter of John Bolton, but this is too good to pass up. Bolton has written a book…a memoir…of his time as Trump’s National Security Advisor. Preliminary reviews of the book make it clear that Bolton thinks Trump is an idiot.

Trump and his gang have come down hard on Bolton, The attacks from Trump come at the same time as his administration is fighting in court to halt the release of the book, claiming it contains classified information, and should not be published. Too bad, it’s already out there and the damage is done.

This is so much fun. “I think it’s unbecoming of the Office of President,” Bolton said Thursday. “I think it degrades the political civil discourse in our country and [I’m] just not going to respond to him.” Trump’s “not fit for office,” and doesn’t have the “competence to carry out the job.”

Trump called Bolton a “sick puppy” and a “wacko” on Twitter and said his new memoir — set to be released next week — is “a compilation of lies and made up stories.” If that is true, it doesn’t mean that it is classified…unless you think that criticism of Trump is, by definition, classified. “The president isn’t worried about foreign governments reading this book. He’s worried about the American people reading this book,” Bolton says.

“When I wrote the book, to begin with, I was very conscious to avoid putting in anything that I thought could be deemed classifiable, and I didn’t think I had to put the book through the pre-publication clearance process for that reason,” Bolton explained. “But we did out of an abundance of caution and then went through four arduous months of making sure there was nothing classified and I believe that strongly today.” Bolton added that “months ago Trump told me that he intended to make sure this book did not come out before the election, and he knows why. Because he knows it will be factual and he doesn’t want the facts out on the record,”

Now let me be clear. I am not a fan of John Bolton. He is a far-right neocon wacko, but not for the reasons that Trump claims. He had direct, first-person contact with Trump, and his testimony should be heard.

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