I Learnt a Lot from Akala

I Learnt a Lot from Akala June 26, 2020

Akala might be known to some (though probably few here, given the primarily American readership) as a British rapper, but more recently, he has become something of a political commentator and educator. Wikipedia introduces him as…

…a British rapper, journalist, author, activist and poet from Kentish TownLondon. In 2006, he was voted the Best Hip Hop Act at the MOBO Awards[1] and has been included on the annual Powerlist of the 100 most influential Black British people in the UK. [2]

Given the prevalence of protests and discussions concerning racial discrimination and suchlike, I thought it was incumbent upon me to educate myself more about topics concerning black history and culture. Here are a couple of talks that I think were fascinating, and I garnered quite a bit from them. These are two very different talks, one being personal and the other concerning history. Enjoy:

Akala at the Edinburgh Book Festival:

Akala giving a talk to the Oxford Union:

I am yet to have listened to this but here he is interviewed by James O’Brien:

Let me know what you think.

I am presently listening to his Natives [UK] audiobook.

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