Playing Truant: The Relevancy of God

Playing Truant: The Relevancy of God July 6, 2020

It’s not so much that God is playing truant, it’s that she never really turned up in the first place. And, although her classmates keep telling us they saw her walking into school, it turns out they were mistaken. Or covering for her. In fact, she’s not even on the register. Actually, using the female pronoun isn’t fair because, chances are, if God was female, she would be far less bellicose.

As you may have gathered by my predilection for politics as of late, and given that most of the body of philosophy has been established as far as it can be (including theology), bar no new revelation or textual findings, it is hard to find the motivation sometimes to argue over God.

As I have told you before, I am pretty much sure of my conclusion on God because there are no holes in my foundations that I am aware of and the evidence definitely supports my conclusion. There is no leap of faith needed to sure up my atheism, despite what some apologists may assert.

Part of the case against God is the sheer absence of God. Everywhere we look, these days, God not only seems to be tangibly absent, but there is no need for God. In fact, the idea of OmniGod just confuses matters and leads to all sorts of cognitive gymnastics.

Shit happens and shit appears to be happening quite a lot and it’s up to us to sort it out.

So here we are, trying to sort it out.

Yes, there can be any number of highfalutin philosophical arguments in the abstract, but there’s nothing like a good probabilistic argument to show you what is more likely given what we actually see and experience.

Quite often, theists and apologists give the argument that belief in God is a “properly basic belief”, that it is just an axiomatic experiential state. Well, two can play at that game because that’s what I comfortably believe about my atheism. Nothing in my daily life even remotely urges me or hints towards the notion that God exists. There is no functional benefit to the belief (for me, at any rate, though this is certainly pertinent for many around the world), psychological or social or otherwise, nothing explanatory about God that I require – there is nothing in the God hypothesis that is either useful or desirable.

And when I look at the immoral pustule that is Donald Trump, in need of some urgent electoral lancing, and I look at the supposedly moralistic evangelicals, then this makes even less sense of this God hypothesis. I see some of the commenters here who are evangelical and think, “Goodness, if your job is to witness and convert and save, then you are pretty terrible at it because everyone resents you and your moral positions. You are pushing everyone you come across further from God than they already were.”

There is no theodicy that does a good job of explaining the existence of Trump. Yes, this is just another manifestation of the Problem of Evil, and this really is the most prevalent thorn in the side of theism, as many apologists admit. But for theists to use this reprobate as a utilitarian instrument to some “good and holy” end leaves a really bad taste in the mouth, like the Catholic church using paedophilia to advance their cause in witnessing for Jesus. It’s just the wrong tool (this is a hypothetical analogy before you attack me for thinking this is so) and does no good for the project.

Integrity. It’s about integrity, and there appears to be a fundamental lack of it in most of the evangelical and conservative religious communities under consideration here.

No, God is well and truly absent and it’s high time we sorted out the mess we are making for ourselves. This planet is our bed and we have to lie in it. Let’s make it comfortable for the whole family.


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