Debunking CosmicSkeptic Debunking Himself Debunking the Kalam. A Rebunking? Or Something…

Debunking CosmicSkeptic Debunking Himself Debunking the Kalam. A Rebunking? Or Something… July 10, 2020

Okay, this isn’t so much a debunking as a conversation or a use of Alex O’Connor’s (CosmicSkeptic) recent video as a stimulus for discussion. It’s a commentary of sorts. I’ve got a lot of time for O’Connor: his videos are excellent and he rightfully has a big following because he produces quality content with finesse and intellectual respect. His latest conversation with William Lane Craig himself concerning the Kalam Cosmological Argument was fantastic because he had many talking points that weren’t your run-of-the-mill pushbacks to Craig and the Kalam.

O’Connor initially produced a video against the Kalam a few years back and his recent one was to update his views and, with intellectual integrity, show where he was initially being naive or hasty in his criticisms.

My video takes this update and agrees in large part, but has a few bones of contention with a couple of areas, most notably with the use of “infinite” in describing God as the First Mover.

See what you think. am I right here?

This is the first of two videos in order to keep the videos at reasonable lengths.

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