Holidays! August 13, 2020

I am off for a week to the Isle of Wight and so will struggle to post, though I might do a few short ones if I can – some videos or short commentary. Hopefully, Bert will still pop by to lay his wisdom out for y’all to peruse.

I’ll be back next Friday just as the weather starts to improve. Gah.

Oddly enough, I have a job interview on one of the days by Zoom, which I will have to do whilst sitting in a static caravan on a bluff overlooking the sea. A beautiful, if a little odd environs to don a shirt and tie to put my best sideburn forward. I have retired from teaching for reasons connected to MS and it not being the job it once was – the level of monitoring and accountability – a ten-year real-term pay cut year on year, and mainly the sheer workload that drags you down every night until you go to bed – has produced a scenario where there has been a teacher crisis for many years now. The job will take from you what you will give it.

The challenge is that the whole world seems to be losing their jobs and applying for fewer ones.

In short, I look forward to a nice week off. Oh, and please buy my books…


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