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Word of the Day August 13, 2020

Just before I toodlepips for a bit, let me remind you of my latest literary adventure. Just filtering through the distribution channels is something a little bit left-field, but which will hopefully be an enjoyable read with my added banter for each entry. Please entertain grabbing a copy of The Family Book of Word of the Day. For a Year. Every Year. Forever. (UK)

For each day of the year there is a word, a definition, an example of how it might be used, and some better from me – useful fact, etymology, some other irreverent comment.

The description is as follows:

Vocabulary is more important than you think. Indeed, the number of words children know is a strong predictor of a range of outcomes. The more words a child knows early in their lives, the better they will do in terms of literacy later on, and the better they will do in terms of a number of other outcomes. And it’s not just the number of words, but the quality, too, that can affect these outcomes.

With this in mind, this book intends to give the reader another tool to be able to increase the size of their vocabulary to help you improve your outcome, no matter what your age. And, let’s face it, it can be fun to learn new things. Including words!

Anywho, I will let you get on with whatever it is your doing (reading this). But, I think you’d really enjoy this book. And that’s a fact (that I think that).

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