My Debate on Cancel Culture Tonight

My Debate on Cancel Culture Tonight August 24, 2020

I am debating cancel culture with David French, an attorney who was once urged to run for US President. He is an evangelical Christian who sits firmly in the conservative camp but who has no time for Trump.

I have so so much I want to say on cancel culture both here, now, and tonight, but I don’t want to give too much away too soon. The recording will take place tonight before the YouTube and podcast release on Friday and radio release (Premier Christian Radio) on Saturday.

To be fair, given the amount that I would like to talk about, a three-way discussion over an hour is not nearly enough talking time.

Anywho, sorry if this has taken away from my blogging time as I have been researching this topic (as well as looking for jobs as I am retiring from teaching…).

Let me know if you have any pearls of wisdom to consider in the debate.

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