Help Going Forward

Help Going Forward August 29, 2020

Dear all, as you know, blogging is a very time-consuming affair. I was wondering if anyone wanted to cut their teeth with some blogging here to give themselves a leg up, or just to pass some time. Bert, my trusty companion on this journey, is a regular contributor here, and I love him for it. I don’t tell him enough, but I do.

I’m in the process of applying for jobs and whatnot (you all know my situation, right) and this could make me more squeezed for time when I get one.

If you are interested in blogging here, let me know; it could be anything from a piece once in a blue moon, to something more regular. I have had some amazing contributors over the years, from Jeremiah Traeger to Alan Duval, and others to boot. You, too, can join the canon.

Moreover, Jim Jones is legendarily moderating the comments, which is primarily allowing almost all the comments through because I’m a sucker for free speech and the ability to say what one wants unless it is endless trolling. I prefer to delete comments until someone gets the picture rather than banning them outright. But the nanny filter still gets us going and if anyone could help out with declogging the system, I’m sure Jim would be appreciative. I’ll even throw in a free book for you.

Anyhow, it remains for me to say, again, how much I appreciate you all for making this a community with a wide range of beliefs and worldviews. I’d like to keep it so, and if you want to contribute in any way, then please contact me.


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