Trump – God’s Punishment?

Trump – God’s Punishment? September 4, 2020

I was going to offer a little thought experiment for evangelical Christians. They are always deploring our decadent society, murdering babies, allowing those awful gays to get married and even be treated like human beings! Abomination! Then, along came Trump, and they went wild for him. Trump, a moral dirtbag, serial adulterer, wholesale liar. But he pandered to them on abortion and, “freedom” to discriminate against anybody they disapprove of for “religious” reasons….and, of course to keep all those darker colored people who are not Christians out of our country.

I started doing a little research to see if any Christians actually saw Trump for what he is, and it was astounding! Here’s an article from CNN that quotes Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she said that God chose Trump to be President. Have a look at this comment thread. It will curl your hair.

A few examples:

Whatever the reason, we can rest assured, GOD does not make errors. It’s not as if God Almighty is sitting on the throne and said, “Whoops, I wasn’t paying attention and I let that Trump man win the election in America”, ya, think? There is a fabric of life and Donald Trump is a thread just like all the rest of us. He has his place and God has him where he wants him. Heck he allowed Barack Obama in office, that brought all kinds of Woes to the country and the world…God has reasons for everyone both sheep and goat, those who choose him and those who reject him. Trust me, it will all work together for God’s Glory, no matter what any media commentator “shares” regarding Sarah Sanders comments.


On the contrary!!! President Trump is likely the “last” chance Father/Son/Holy Spirit is giving this country. “We” espouse the gay life style; “we” espouse the sacrifice of babies; “we” choose to disregard Scripture of the Old Testament in regard to each of the pervious (sic) statements; “we” choose to ignore what The Son says in the New Testament in regard to marriage. Paul, in the Book of Romans has some things to say as well. Keep looking up–signs and wonders are happening every day………


president Trump is the most conservative president we have ever had! Talk about honesty where do they get this stuff. He has fulfilled more promises than any other president.


Secularists sarcasm is palpable isn’t it….they still can’t get over Trump’s win. In spite of their snarkiness, God is still in control, but they’ll NEVER admit that….and they will regret it when they meet HIM.


When President Obama won, I said the same thing, namely that God chooses the leaders. I took it as a chastisement.

-However, President Trump is closer to the result for which I prayed.

Read these and more in the comment thread I linked above. It’s scary that there are people in this country who think like this. It’s like something you would read from the 19th Century.

Not only do they think Trump is not our punishment. They actually think God “chose” him to be our leader, and that he is our “last chance” to save ourselves before the Apocalypse. Apparently, our votes don’t count as much as the Almighty. I didn’t know He was even registered to vote. You have to state your residence when you register. I wonder what He listed as His.






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