The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story

The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story September 10, 2020

Here are just some of the non-electronic books I have been perusing to research the book I am not 34,500 words into: The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story.

And I have Raymond Brown’s epic The Death of the Messiah winging its way to me now (well, Vol2 thereof).

Here is the contents page for my book, so far…

If anyone has a strong expertise on the subject, let me know.




1 -Why This Is Important: A Castle in the Air.

2 – What Do the Gospels Claim Happened?

3 – Probabilities and Extraordinary Claims: Dancing Skunks and Unicorns.

4 – The Gospels: An Overview.

An Introduction, and Mark.



John and the Synoptic Problem.


5 – 75% of New Testament Scholars…

6 – Why Not Believe the Claims Concerning David Koresh and Sathya Sai Baba?.

7 – Earthquakes, Saints and an Absence of Evidence.

8 – The Silence of Paul.

9 – Contradictions Leading up to the Burial.

10 – Psalm 22.

11 – The Events Leading up to the Crucifixion..

The Last Supper.

The day of crucifixion.

Jesus is mocked; the thieves on the cross.

What Jesus said.

Matthew 27.

The Roman soldiers.

Jesus’ followers.

Broken legs.

Blood and water.

Piercing sides

12 – Jesus’ Death and His Not So Final Resting Place.

13 – Joseph of Arimathea – Fact Or Fiction? Fiction…

A literary mechanism.

Reversal of expectation.

A rich prophecy fulfilment.

Where is Arimathea?.

The Sanhedrin.

An empty tomb and a disappearance.

14 – An Honourable Death and Burial? Burial Practices Exhumed.

Jesus would have been stoned.

Dishonourable burials.


When Jesus was taken from the cross.

Compounding Probabilities.

15 – Matthew’s Tomb Guards, Bribes and Bad Apologetics.

16 – A Tomb; an Empty Tomb.

The silence of Paul.

More to be added here.

17 – The Veneration of Tomb that Never Happened. Well, the Wrong Tomb and Much Later.

18 – Naturalistic Theories and Explanations.


There may well be more added in as I go. I’ve really enjoyed writing it so far but it is tough to keep it to a manageable brisk length, but I think I have so far done that. I think it will be a really good resource and not too dissimilar to my Nativity one – The Nativity: A Critical Examination (UK)

Chapters 11 and 16 are the two big ones and the ones I haven’t yet written. All the other chapters have been initially drafted but will be added to as I remind myself of the test in all of these books that I have sadly not completely internalised over the years…

The reason this book is important, or this topic, is that without the Resurrection, you have no Christian theology and worldview. It is the central doctrine and component of the belief. That much Paul got right.

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