“May the Lord Make Us Truly Grateful”

“May the Lord Make Us Truly Grateful” September 20, 2020

I don’t know if the prayers in other countries are similar to the ones in the UK, but one of the standard simple prayers before a meal in the UK is:

“For what we’re about to receive, may the Lord make us truly grateful. Amen.”

I was thinking about this prayer today and realised how ridiculous it appears to be and also how it reflects an issue within Christianity.

What the prayer is essentially saying is:

“For this food here, please God, make me be thankful to you for it.”

Or, in other words, I don’t think I’ll be able to be grateful on my own, of my own accord, for this food, so please make me thank you for it.

What a silly idea and ideal. Making God make us be thankful to God himself because we can’t do it off our own back.

This is reflective of the whole rather odd idea that God, as a perfect being, would want or need to be thanked and worshipped, that he creates us in order for us to be thankful to him for creating us, and worship him in thanks.

Anyway, there you go, a quick one for you.


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