Republican Lawmakers, with Their Lack of Principle, Disgust Me

Republican Lawmakers, with Their Lack of Principle, Disgust Me September 22, 2020

Get ready for a rant. And I’m holding back an awful lot.

I can’t help but think that this Ginsburg debacle – indeed, the last four years – has highlighted how far the GOP has sunk and how their politicians fundamentally lack principles. You could look to when Ted Cruz and his family were personally insulted by Trump and how quickly he came to lick his dictator-in-chief’s boots. You can look at the montage of GOP lawmaker’s who explicitly argued for the delay of the SCOTUS judge nomination in 2016, forthrightly claiming there would never be a SCOTUS nomination in an election year. And my, check out Lindsey Graham’s words on the matter. And he is one with no principles when you compare what he said about Trump in the early days and now being his biggest supporter.

Power corrupts.

And you see it with Trumpistas on this blog who have not a shred of credibility or principle, post hoc rationalising this terrible man and his terrible lawmakers in the name of retention of power. They would have been, nay, they were, arguing in defence of not nominating a SCOTUS judge for 11 months back in 2016 and now they are salivating at a quick 6-week nomination process.

Democrats, in the main, have been, over the last 40 years or so, more principled. This is why they have also failed more often than they should. The GOP doesn’t care how they go about things, they just crave power and the things you can do with it, so they’ll cheat and commit hypocrisy after hypocrisy until they get it.

Evangelicals will wax lyrical about sexual morality and forgive Trump and GOP politicians anything in this domain. Heck, even Lindsey Graham, long-touted to be hypocritically gay in his condemnation of homosexuality, received a scare in June when people threatened to out him, as Sean Harding here on Twitter did:

There is a homophobic republican senator who is no better than Trump who keeps passing legislation that is damaging to the lgbt and minority communities. Every sex worker I know has been hired by this man. Wondering if enough of us spoke out if that could get him out of office?…

I cannot do this alone. If you’d be willing to stand with me against LG please let me know.

if you are are going to have an egregious view, at least stick by it or act by it. By rights, their supporters shouldn’t trust them. But, then again, if they want power by any means necessary (where “any means” relates to having no principles or morality in doing so or getting to the end), then perhaps they feel their vote is in good hands.

This whole sorry mess in the US makes me sad and angry. When we need principles to solve global problems – global warming, wars, refugee crises, human rights violations – we have the most powerful nation in the world closing ranks, continuing to take money from vested interests in the energy and coroporatists markets, and being hellbent on scerewing things up.

The GOP is a moral maelstrom and most everyone who supports them is a one-tracked moral otherwise-vacuum. Yes, you may want to stand for anti-choice, but you’d happily trample on actual pro-life healthcare initiatives and put kids in cages to get there.

Take a long hard look at yourself.

This may be a comedy video, but I want you to check the two montages:

  1. 2:55 onwards – for anyone, I mean anyone, who says Biden has failing mental faculties, look at the Trump montage from one recent rally. You should be afraid.
  2. 9:55 – a selection of the complete and utter hypocrisy of the GOP over their SCOTUS desires. That selection was enough to make me feel sick.


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