Out of an Abundance of Caution

Out of an Abundance of Caution October 3, 2020

As you will know, Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19 and has now been taken to hospital “out of an abundance of caution”, as according to the White House. There are just a few things I want to say.

Firstly, he has been taken to hospital most probably due to underlying health concerns considering he was taken to the same hospital last year, with many people then thinking he had a mini-stroke or something similar. One of the main concerns with patients with COVID-19 is blood clots. If Trump is at risk of blood clotting, then he will need to be monitored very closely indeed. They also have large stocks of bleach there for cleaning process, so that’s lucky.

You might have seen Chris Wallace on FOXNews getting rather angry that, as per the Cleveland authorities, only three people in the building should not have been wearing masks: Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Chris Wallace himself. However, as we saw on video, the entire Trump family and advisers walked in wearing masks, sat down and immediately took them off, when everybody else around them continue to wear their masks. This was not only deeply irresponsible, but incredibly selfish and, now, looks rather stupid.

The hilariously hypocritical thing that we have just seen is that his entire team around him, as he got on and off the helicopter to go to the hospital, are now wearing masks. Oh, so now they can be cautious. So now they can follow guidelines.

So now it is time to take heed of science

Secondly, the pair, he and his wife, were diagnosed on the same day that 43,000 other Americans were diagnosed with COVID-19. the Trump’s will receive the very best healthcare but the American system can provide. It’s just that every single other diagnosed American  citizen will have paid more in tax that goes towards providing that healthcare than Trump has, yet will not receive that level of care.

Here’s my last point. The White House declared he was being taken to the hospital “out of an abundance of caution”. If only the White House had shown an abundance of caution 210,000 deaths ago.


Dangerous, filthy hypocrites.

(I’ll just leave this here:)


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