My Resurrection Book

My Resurrection Book October 15, 2020

I am bloody loving writing my book on the Resurrection of Jesus (The Resurrection: A Critical Analysis of the Easter Story). It’s almost writing itself. When you have as many books and sources to draw on, as I have at the moment, there is such a wealth of quality literature that I am spoilt. And, the more I write, the more incredibly weak the case appears to be for the Christian to establish the historical and theological truth of the Resurrection of Jesus. You can see why certain people have written absolutely massive tomes on the subject. However, I am trying to be as succinct as possible, although this is proving very challenging!

If any of you are suitably interested in this topic with some working knowledge, and if you are pretty tight with your proofreading, English and grammar, I will be happy enough to send an early electronic copy for a proofread if you let me know in comments below. Any help is always gratefully accepted.

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