A Letter to Mother

A Letter to Mother October 16, 2020

Mother Jones Magazine

P.O. Box 584

San Francisco, CA 94104-0584

Attention: Monica Bauerlein, CEO

Dear Monica,

The November/December issue arrived a few days ago, and I sat down last night to read it. As usual, the articles were well-researched, cogent and informative. And then I turned to pages 68 and 69. I gaped in dismay and disappointment. An ad for tobacco products! Even with the Surgeon General’s standard warning and your other disclaimers, it is irresponsible to run such an ad, promoting a dangerously toxic and highly addictive drug.

As my sense of outrage grew, I reached for the phone to call you and cancel my subscription. That would be a shame, because I value your investigative reporting and the high quality of your writers. I finally decided to write this letter instead, hoping that other subscribers will do the same, and you will reconsider your decision to allow such ads to appear in your magazine.

I understand that print media are having a tough time these days. But is it absolutely necessary for your survival to stoop to this?

I hope not.

Bert Bigelow


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