Let’s All Not Look at the Moon and See What Happens

Let’s All Not Look at the Moon and See What Happens October 16, 2020

Here’s another guest post from Dana Horton – thanks!

Let’s All Not Look at the Moon and See What Happens

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Last week we speculated on whether the Universe came from an explosion, a creator, or an emanation. This week let’s take up whether matter is real, or just an out-picturing of something called consciousness. We acknowledge we’re gonna wrap around the axle a little bit here.

Does matter exist at all? Some theologians (that’s certainly not us) believe that matter does not exist at all; everything is an illusion starting from the mind of God. Emerson was in that camp. Many New Thought leaders, such as Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science movement, also deny the existence of matter. And even Deepak Chopra has repeatedly argued that the moon would not exist if we did not look at it. Check it out here:


What else you got? Other New Thought spiritual leaders such as Ernest Holmes bring the concept of God into this argument. It is important to understand that this is not the old-man-in-the-sky kind of God. It is an omnipresent consciousness. Dr. Thomas Sannar, contemporary instructor in metaphysical studies at the Center for Spiritual Living, argues the following:

The physical world is real because it is created and sustained by the Creator.

Spirit is omnipresent. To be everywhere present, it must be present in all things. Even if there is no sentient being present to observe the world, the physical world has an objective reality independent of the observations of sentient beings. But each person will observe this reality differently and according to quantum physics, the very act of observation has some effect on this underlying reality.

What if we made the leap that matter and consciousness are always intermingling — working together. Applying that concept to the big picture, consciousness (capital ‘C’ or small ‘c’?) might mean some overarching thing that affects the universe. This overarching thing is not something to be worshipped (we’re soooo over that). But it’s something we acknowledge has an influence on matter.

And while we are at it, each one of us has a part to play in the influence of matter by our own individual consciousness. This does not mean we can be like Harry Potter and make things fly (yet). But we do not have to be total victims to uncontrollable outside forces either.

What does quantum physics say? According to quantum theory, a ‘thing’ does not exist until it is observed. Without the observer, energy does not take form. Deepak puts it this way: To put it simply, every experience needs three things: an observer, the thing observed, and the process of observation.

Soooo, is the world real or imaginary? The jury is still out. Laboratory experiments seem to indicate that all matter is pure energy, and nothing happens until it is observed. But those experiments are at a pretty small scale. The moon is a little bigger. Let’s try an experiment. Let’s have all seven billion of us turn our backs on the moon for one minute at midnight on New Year’s Day and see if the moon disappears.

But how would we know?

Dana Horton is from Ohio, United States and is currently (though not for much longer) working full time as Director of Energy Markets a large utility company.  In August 2019, he earned his ministerial license through an organization called Centers for Spiritual Living based in Denver, Colorado. This is a New Thought organization following the principles of Ernest Holmes. He acted as interim minister at the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living and, after eight months, he decided to leave and has no interest in returning to a formal religious organization. But he enjoys investigating spiritual principles, how they originated, and how they might be applicable to everyday living. I also enjoy discovering the history of both the Old and New Testaments, and how it differs (greatly) from the traditional Christian interpretations.


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