Fantastic Interview with Harmonic Atheist

Fantastic Interview with Harmonic Atheist October 19, 2020

This is perhaps my favourite interview I have been involved with and hats off to Tim Mills (having recently deconverted some 13 months ago) for facilitating a great chat here.

It’s a big old, wide-ranging interview but I think it’s worth a listen (you might want to do it in chunks!). Of course. Not that most of our resident Christian commenters will do so.

Let me know what you think.

His very kind description reads:

Today I had a blast speaking with Jonathan Pearce, an agnostic atheist teacher, philosopher, and author in the UK.
Jonathan blogs on a page called “A Tippling Philosopher.”
We touched on Jonathan’s childhood journey with Christianity, and then spent a large portion of our chat going over highlights from several of his books. Some of the topics we touched on include the psychology of religion, how small nudges add up to worldview changes, and the importance of libertarian free will.
We wrapped up talking about how to go beyond the facts and philosophies that cause deconversion, to the dynamics of truly processing and understanding the human experience and emotions of deconversion.
Jonathan’s stories, his brilliant thought processes, and his contagious sense of humor are truly delightful to listen to and interact with.


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