Trick or Treaters

Trick or Treaters October 20, 2020

After the previous two pieces of Halloween nonsense, I have a slightly more serious take on this fun holiday. It can be summed up in three words:

Not This Year

And that is sad, particularly for my wife, who always has a lot of fun on Halloween night. She dresses up as a witch, and greets trick-or-treaters at the door with a plate of candy. The front porch is decorated with a life-size cardboard hanging skeleton, and we play spooky music through a nearby window. She loves seeing the kids’ costumes.

But not this year. She has made a sign to put out in the front yard announcing that we will not greet trick-or-treaters this year. I doubt if any kids will be out. One more of the beloved traditions that must be canceled due to the damn virus.

I have always gotten a laugh out of the Christian busybodies who warn about Satan’s curse on Halloween candy. Sometimes I think they dislike anything that is fun, especially for kids.



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