The Quantum Physics Dilemma

The Quantum Physics Dilemma November 25, 2020

Here’s another offering from Dana Horton. Let’s get quantum, and the Einsteinian “mind of God”.

The Quantum Physics Dilemma


How Can I Get Doreen in Accounting to Get Off My Back

(5 minute read)

Quantum physics was one of our requirements in ministerial school. Yep… quantum physics. Not something that is likely taught in a fundamental Christian seminary. But it was a requirement in the curricula assembled by the Centers for Spiritual Living.

We’ll make this short, because unless someone really wants to know about quantum physics, it can get nerdy pretty quickly. But first, grab a beverage.

The intention for studying quantum physics from a philosophical basis: To explore whether there is a scientific basis indicating the power of the mind can influence reality.

Sounds like a reasonable objective. Let’s look at two things in today’s post:

  1. A demonstration of quantum physics in the lab.
  2. The connection between a laboratory experiment and the real-life drama of dealing with Doreen in Accounting when she says I’m an idiot because I am 10% over my travel budget.

The Lab experiment. First, the go-to example of quantum physics is the double-slit experiment, which has been around for a century or so. And it remains both fascinating and inexplicable.

Executive summary of the experiment.  If we shoot photons one at a time (think Star Trek) through two separate slits, they somehow interfere with each other and form multiple straight-line patterns on the other side as if they were waves. EXCEPT if you put a sensor on the slits to try to tally up which of the two slits they go through, the pattern on the other side stops behaving like a wave, and the photons get scattered all over the place. It’s like the photons know they are being watched and start behaving badly.

Spooky, right?

We ran across one of the best short explanations of this phenomenon (complete with pictures) on the Medium blog site written by Kevin Buddaeus. It takes five minutes to read. And he makes it easy to understand! Here’s the link.

After getting our mind around this experiment, we then had to consider whether there were any practical applications. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is fine. But it is really more meaningful if we can apply it to something useful.

Translating from the micro to the macro. If we cautiously accept that the mind has some control over outcomes, albeit even in the smallest sense of the double-slit experiment, then maybe the mind can affect the outcome of much larger events. I probably cannot turn Doreen into a frog (think Harry Potter). But maybe I can put a different mental spin on the entire travel budget situation to affect an outcome favorable to all.

OK, that might have some merit.

Then things get weird.

Translating from the macro to the universal. This is where we try to use algorithms to prove the existence of God… kinda. Our quantum physics professor, Dr. Goswami (who is a well-known PhD in quantum physics who has appeared in several documentaries) made the case that God (emphasize not an old man in the sky) has a certain amount of directional control over the evolution of the universe. He even wrote a book about it — Creative Evolution. It’s a tough read, but knock your socks off.

Dr. G pointed to historical periods of accelerated changes in species that indicate the possible existence of an active higher presence influencing those changes. Let’s call it the “Mind of God.” It’s not that evolution and quantum physics are in opposition. On the contrary, evolution works within the concept of quantum physics.

Wrapping up for today. We are on the fence when it comes to the interaction between the “Mind of God” and evolution. But we’ll be open enough to give it some credence, because “God knows” we have a lot more to learn about quantum physics. So we’ll leave it here for today while we text Doreen to tell her that we want to meet for coffee.

Dana Horton is from Ohio, United States and is currently (though not for much longer) working full time as Director of Energy Markets a large utility company.  In August 2019, he earned his ministerial license through an organization called Centers for Spiritual Living based in Denver, Colorado. This is a New Thought organization following the principles of Ernest Holmes. He acted as interim minister at the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living and, after eight months, he decided to leave and has no interest in returning to a formal religious organization. But he enjoys investigating spiritual principles, how they originated, and how they might be applicable to everyday living. I also enjoy discovering the history of both the Old and New Testaments, and how it differs (greatly) from the traditional Christian interpretations.

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