William Lane Craig Takes Me to Mischaracterise-Me Town

William Lane Craig Takes Me to Mischaracterise-Me Town November 28, 2020

I have just been made aware of a podcast in which William Lane Craig takes a couple of my short articles to task. The ones in question are:

He absolutely hammers me. Well, he thinks he does. Because what really happens is they (him and his co-presenter) look at my two posts in isolation and utterly absent of the foundations upon which they sit and essentially say “He is not basing this on any further evidence or arguments”.

This is patent nonsense because my points were sitting on a foundation of about 3,000 blog posts and a whole bunch of books.

In fact, I am downright angry.

I am writing a piece to rebut his points.

I have previously had a lot of respect for William Lane Craig; unfortunately, with cheap shots like this, my respect has largely evaporated.

Stay tuned for my larger piece. See what you think of the podcast. I have yet to finish his podcast as it makes me so angry that I have to stop. The anger comes from the size of the audience he has, the platform and his voice, mixed with the ridiculous way he treats my blog posts (which are, after all, short blog posts and not journal articles).


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