My Unbelievable Nativity Radio Debate Is up

My Unbelievable Nativity Radio Debate Is up December 18, 2020

My Nativity radio debate on Premier Christian Radio is now up. Unfortunately, on the YouTube channel, Matthew Firth, the vicar with whom I was having a spat and who deleted my comments and threads and blocked me and a number of other people, took to outright lying for Jesus about me on the thread. Luckily, he has now deleted his comment.

EDIT – no, he’s put it back up with marginally different wording and is now trolling me all over the thread.

Absolutely infuriating that a man of the cloth would stoop to this.

Anyway, would be interested in how you think this went. I haven’t listened. She was a highly competent adversary but retreated to possibiliter ergo probabiliter far too often.

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