Merry Christmas Y’All!

Merry Christmas Y’All! December 24, 2020

Happy Holidays, Saucy Saturnalia, Wonderful Winterfest, Spot-on Solstice. Whatever floats your boat.

It’s that time of year when I feel duty-bound, but also hugely want, to say a massive thank you. Thanks for hanging out here; thanks for commenting; thanks for buying my books; thanks for kindly donating. All of this is what keeps me going in a thoroughly difficult period of my life where I have taken early ill-health retirement from teaching and am between jobs as someone with progressive MS whilst the rest of the world is also looking for jobs in a pandemic.


But, on the happier note of thanks – you good people are great and thanks for coming along this ride with me. I go wherever my thought patterns lead me. The elections this year, or the pandemic, provoked temporary obsessions, so thanks for humouring me. Hopefully, there is enough variety to keep you all interested enough.

I absolutely have to say a bunch of huge thanks. Thanks to those occasional guest post offers I get from a range of you who help me keep content flowing. Huge appreciation goes to Jim Jones who moderates the nanny filter forum for me. A huge help.

Dana Horton has come on board to give a nonreligious slant on spirituality, or a spiritual slant on nonreligious living. A huge high five to him for that.

Bert Bigelow. What can I say? An officer and a gentleman who helps so much in all of his comments and all of his brilliant articles. Big love, Bert.

Again, thanks to y’all for allowing me, some punk Brit, to cast my eye over anything that takes my fancy.

Onwards and upwards and I’ll see you after Christmas. In the meantime:

I have written a number of books over the last few years. Here they are listed with links to Amazon (who often delist them because they are megalomaniacal bastards who want publishers to move from other distributors to them – please order them from competitors); below you will find more detail:


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